NDIS for Veer Wagons


The Veer Cruiser is built for those who love the outdoor life.   Could a Veer Cruiser help your family get out doors more?


NDIS for Veer Wagons Australia


Push it - Just like a pram. Turn and Pivot. Easily maneuverable when loaded.

Pull it - Just like a wagon. Great for traversing up and down hills and over rough terrain.


Weighing just under 15kg, the Veer Cruiser has a weight limit of 25kg per seat.  


NDIS Veer Wagons


The Veer Cruiser has an enormous range of accessories, including a huge storage basket which allows you to carry any medical equipment. 


Veer Wagon NDIS 


The Veer Cruiser loves to get dirty but was built to get clean. Just hose wash and air dry when done.



To request a simple, straight forward quote (to be charged to one NDIS customer

number), please request an automated quote via the applicable link below.

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Should you require a more complex quote, for example, split between two NDIS customers, or for a specific portion only to be billed to NDIS, then please complete the applicable form below and we will send you a manual quote.

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Update: As the NDIA continues to strengthen their position on payment integrity, there have been changes made to the claims review and payments process.   The NDIA will NO LONGER release funding overnight. Funds should now be released from the NDIA within 3 business days after the claim is made.  Consequently, payments to providers may take up to 5 business days.