Make being out of the house with the kids more enjoyable. For everyone.

Getting out of the house when you have kids can be hard.  There is so much to pack, carry and do before you leave the house.  


I know this first hand, as I am a mum of girl/boy twins myself.  When my twins were younger I saw all these amazing wagons in the American twin/multiple birth groups and I was so disappointed to find out they weren't available here yet in Australia, (due to the strict Australian pram saftey laws).


At Pragon, our mission is to help families get out the door more often.


In 2000 I started discussion with a couple of the major wagon companies as to what needed to be done to bring them to Australia.  The answer was ...."A LOT". 


Fast forward several years and I am very proud to be the first retailer of some of these Wagons here in Australia. Not only that, but I have designed some custom accessories to make your wagon life even easier (and brighter!).