NDIS for Pram Wagons


At Pragon we want to make being out of the house with the kids more enjoyable.  For everyone.


A wagon may enable some children with disabilities be more included in family outings, which is of great social, physical, emotional and psychological benefit.


We know that every family is different, and that is why we have a range of wagons, to suit each family type. 


All Wagons meet the Australian safety standards of a pram.   The mandatory standard is based on the voluntary Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2088:2000 'Prams and strollers—safety requirements'.


NDIS Pram Wagons


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists participants to do things they may not be able to do otherwise.  It assists participants to do things more easily or safely.  Like getting out of the house, and being included in day to day activities.  


If a participant is self-managed or plan managed, they may be able to use NDIS funding to purchase a Pram Wagon and/or accessories.


In the context of the NDIS, it's important to understand that the NDIS aims to fund supports that are considered reasonable and necessary for an individual with a disability to live an ordinary life and participate in the community.  While the NDIS covers a broad range of supports and services, including assistive technology, modifications, and daily living expenses, the funding decisions are based on whether an item or service meets the criteria of being reasonable and necessary for the individual's needs.


Is a Pram Wagon considered a everyday living expense by the NDIS?  Find out more HERE.


While we are not NDIS planners, we are more than happy to do a NDIS quote for you to submit to either a plan manager (if plan-managed) or to be claimed directly (if self managed).


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Reasons a Pram Wagon may be needed as a direct result of a participants disability

While every child is different, here are several scenarios where a Pram Wagon might be beneficial: 

1. Mobility Impairments

Children with mobility impairments may experience challenges in walking long distances. A Pram Wagon provides a supportive and comfortable seating option, allowing them to participate in outings without the physical strain.


2. Fatigue and Endurance Issues

Some children with disabilities may have lower endurance levels or fatigue quickly. A Pram Wagon offers a resting place during outings, preventing exhaustion and allowing the child to conserve energy for other activities.


3. Sensory Processing Issues

For children with sensory processing issues who may become overwhelmed in crowded or stimulating environments, the enclosed and familiar space of a Pram Wagon can serve as a calming and secure retreat.


4. Autism Spectrum Disorders

Children on the autism spectrum may have sensory sensitivities or difficulties with transitions. A Pram Wagon can offer a predictable and controlled space, reducing anxiety during outings.


5. Behavioural Challenges

Some children with disabilities may exhibit challenging behaviours that make it difficult for parents or caregivers to manage them in public spaces. A Pram Wagon provides a contained and secure environment, minimizing the risk of elopement or other safety concerns.


6. Inclusive Family Outings

A Pram Wagon facilitates inclusive family outings, allowing siblings and family members to engage in activities together. This inclusivity is crucial for the overall well-being and social development of the child with a disability.


7. Transporting Equipment

Some children with disabilities require assistive devices or medical equipment. A Pram Wagon can provide a convenient way to transport such equipment during outings, ensuring that the child has access to necessary supports.



Pram wagons are a safer alternative to traditional prams

The wider base of a pram wagon makes it more stable because it increases the wagon's overall balance and reduces the likelihood of tipping over. The principle of stability relies on the distribution of weight and the placement of the centre of gravity. When a wagon has a wider wheelbase, the distance between the wheels is greater, and this spreads the weight of the wagon, including the child and any additional items, over a larger area.


This wider distribution of weight also lowers the centre of gravity, making it harder for the wagon to tilt to one side. It effectively provides a broader support base, which means the wagon is less prone to tipping, even on uneven terrain or when navigating around obstacles. In contrast, a pram with a narrower base may have a higher centre of gravity, making it more susceptible to tipping if the weight distribution is uneven or if there is a sudden shift in weight within the pram. 


 NDIS Pronto Wagons


See what other parents have said:


I cried today. My son is autistic and has been struggling quite a bit lately.

This morning a few police officers pulled someone over right near us. Very loud sirens and there was someone yelling. Instead of panicking, screaming and getting very very upset straight into a meltdown he simply looked at me for reassurance I was calm and ok, covered his ears and went right to the bottom of the wagon where he felt safe and played with his favourite cars.

This is exactly what his therapists were hoping for when they recommended a wagon over a special needs stroller / wheelchair. A safe place so we could all go out more, experience new things, and he can participate at his own pace.

You can’t put a price on things like this. This will open up a whole new world for him (and our family). So many limits were just lifted, and most importantly he is SAFE and able to experience everything while he can participate at his own pace.

I couldn’t be more thankful.



My son is autistic and we went to the zoo for his little brother and he sat in the wagon content as could be as people were not touching him and pushing to get past him etc. He loved that he had his space.





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