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Molly - Mum of 2 (Note: Wagon was purchased from the USA)

I have the Wonderfold W4 Luxe, and I absolutely love it! I purchased the wagon just before having my second baby. I had a very large two year old who exceeded the weight limit of traditional double prams, but also was a terrible/lazy walker. So I was looking for something that would fit him and my baby, plus room to go shopping or carry bikes etc.

It has been a game changer. I regularly take it shopping, and can do a full food shop with two kids without having multiple meltdowns. We go for 5km walks where my toddler can get in and out to ride his bike without issues, because I can throw the bike in the wagon with the kids. My other favourite part of this wagon is that it can act as a portable cot, so my baby has napped comfortably at wineries, the beach, lunch- so much better than napping in the pram!

I will say that this wagon is heavy, and will require some muscle up hills and on uneven footpaths. It is worth measuring the boot of your car to ensure it will fit. It has not entirely replaced our single pram, as sometimes it is more convenient to quickly whip that out, but I also couldn’t imagine not having the wagon now!

I also owned a W2 original before selling it and purchasing the W4. The W2 was perfect for one child, but for what I wanted the W4. which has worked much better for two children

We love our Wonderfold!