Will my Wagon fit in my Kia?

Kia Grande Carnival (2010)

W4 Luxe

The Kia Carnival was obviously designed with the WonderFold Wagon in mind! 

The space between the back row of seats and be boot door is perfect for your W4 Luxe to stand upright.  Leaving you a (small) amount of room for bags.



 If the back row of seats are down in the Kia Carnivale 2010 model, then your W4 Luxe will fit, along with your weekly grocery shop.




Or even better, you can fit your Wonderfold W4 Luxe straight into the boot of your Kia Grande Carnival without even folding it!!  Seriously.   And look at all that space! 




Here it is with the groceries piled in beside it.   How good is that!!  When you get home, simply roll the wagon out, and load your groceries into the car and wheel them inside!




If you do need one seat up in the back row, the W4 Luxe still fits in without having to fold it up!  As I said at the start of this blog post, the Kia Carnival was obviously designed with the WonderFold Wagon in mind! 




Kia Seltos (2022)

W4 Luxe

While the Kia Seltos is a great family car, we were disappointed to find that we  needed to remove ALL the wheels to get it in.


Even my cat was unhappy about that!!




 We will continue to update this blog with more and more photos as we get them.

If there is a specific year, make or model that you are wondering about, send us an email at contact@pragon.com.au and we will do our best to get some photos taken for you.