Will my Wagon fit in my Tesla?

Tesla Model Y (2022)

WonderFold W4 Luxe

I was very surprised the WonderFold W4 needed all the wheels taken off to fit in the Tesla Model Y boot. They look so big from the outside. But while it is very spacious inside, the layout of the boot just doesn't work with the W4 Luxe without taking all the wheels off.


W4 WonderFold Wagon Tesla Model Y boot


WonderFold W2 Elite

If I was surprised that the WonderFold W4 didnt fit in the Tesla Model Y, I was shocked that the W2 Elite didn't either. With the W2 Elite, it was only the rear wheel bar that needed to be removed. The front wheels could stay on. Disclaimer: It was not my Tesla, so I may have been overly cautious so I didn't damage it in any way!


W2 WonderFold Wagon Tesla boot


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