WonderFold Wagon Wheel Types

WonderFold Wagon Wheel Types

Before you get too excited, I need to clarify I’m not talking about the amazing gooey chocolate covered marshmallow and jam biscuits here.  I am talking about the difference between Polyurethane (PU) and Ethylene- vinyl acetate (EVA) WonderFold Wagon wheels.


Say what?   I thought there were only two types of WonderFold Wheels?  The Luxe all-terrain wheels and the Elite wheels???  Well, you are right, but lets look at WHY they are different.


The WonderFold Luxe Wagon has Polyurethane (PU) wheels.  Whereas the Elite WonderFold Wagon has Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) wheels.  These are two totally different materials, but both are commonly used for pram wheels.


 Wonderfold tyres


When choosing between PU and EVA pram wheels, consider factors such as the intended terrain, durability requirements, and budget. PU wheels are often preferred for all-terrain use and long-term durability, while EVA wheels are suitable for regular city use and lighter weight prams.


So, what sets these two materials apart? Well, it all boils down to their unique characteristics.


Polyurethane (PU) pram wheels

First up, lets talk about Polyurethane (PU) pram wheels. PU wheels are a game-changer when it comes to convenience and durability for prams and pram wagons.  The secret behind their exceptional durability lies in their chemical composition, which makes them resistant to abrasion and wear. You can trust PU wheels to last for years, providing you with countless adventures.


Polyurethane pram wheels are (surprise, surprise) made from polyurethane, which is a manufactured product designed to mimic the grip and softness of rubber. PU is harder than rubber but still provides durability and resilience.


wonderfold luxe wheel composition


First and foremost, PU pram wheels are incredibly durable, making them perfect for navigating various terrains, whether it's bumpy sidewalks or rough terrain during outdoor adventures.


Another advantage of PU pram wheels is their excellent shock absorption capabilities. With these wheels, the ride becomes smoother for both the riders and the person pushing the pram wagon.


In addition to their durability and shock absorption, PU pram wheels also offer excellent traction. This means that they provide a firm grip on different surfaces, preventing slippage or skidding i.e. wet paths.


Ethylene- vinyl acetate (EVA) pram wheels


Now, let's switch gears and delve into the Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) wheels.  EVA is known for its lightweight, yet durable, properties. Making it perfect for use in pram wheels.


Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) pram wheels are made from a copolymer material consisting of ethylene and vinyl acetate. EVA tyres are manufactured as plastic, but they are far from being plastic. Confused?  Yep, I was too.  What makes them similar to plastic is their lightweight design and manufacturing.   This also makes them much cheaper to produce!!  (Hence this is the major price differentiation point in the Elite and the Luxe Wagons).


 wonderfold elite wheel composition


EVA pram wheels require minimal maintenance. They are easy to clean and do not require frequent replacements or repairs, saving time and effort for us time poor parents.


And here's the best part about EVA wheels - they are much more lightweight than the PU wheels.  Which, when you are lifting your wagon in and out of the car frequently, can be a deal breaker!




WonderFold Luxe and Elite Wheels Comparison Table 

 Luxe Elite
Material Polyurethane (PU) Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Grip and Traction Excellent on all surfaces

Slightly less grip on smooth surfaces but are still suitable for regular city use.

Shock Absorption Good shock absorption properties Offers some level of shock absorption
Durability Exceptionally durable Durable
Weight Heavier Lighter
Cost More expensive Cheaper



wonderfold tyre composition

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