Is a Pram Wagon considered a everyday living expense by the NDIS

In the context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), it's important to understand that the NDIS aims to fund supports that are considered reasonable and necessary for an individual with a disability to live an ordinary life and participate in the community. While the NDIS covers a broad range of supports and services, including assistive technology, modifications, and daily living expenses, the funding decisions are based on whether an item or service meets the criteria of being reasonable and necessary for the individual's needs.


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A Pram Wagon may be considered a specific assistive device or equipment designed to address the needs of a child with a disability. However, whether the NDIS would fund a Pram Wagon as an everyday living expense depends on several factors:


1. Reasonable and Necessary

The NDIS may fund supports that are deemed reasonable and necessary for the participant. The Pram Wagon would need to be demonstrated as essential to the child's participation in daily activities and their overall well-being.


2. Functional Impact

The NDIS considers the functional impact of the disability on the individual's ability to perform daily activities. If the child has mobility challenges that significantly affect their ability to move independently, a Pram Wagon may be considered a necessary support.


3. Alternative Supports

The NDIS will assess whether there are alternative, more cost-effective supports available that could meet the child's needs. If there are other mobility aids or equipment that can fulfill a similar purpose, the NDIS may consider those options.


4. Individualized Assessment

Funding decisions are made on an individualized basis, taking into account the specific needs and goals of the child. A paediatric occupational therapist would play a key role in assessing the child's requirements and advocating for necessary supports.


5. Impact on Independence

The NDIS considers whether the support will enhance the participant's independence and ability to participate in community activities. If a Pram Wagon significantly contributes to the child's independence and inclusion, it may be considered.


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It's crucial for families and healthcare professionals to work collaboratively with the NDIS and provide clear evidence of how a Pram Wagon is directly related to the child's disability and contributes to their overall well-being. This may involve submitting assessments, reports, and other documentation that highlight the functional impact and necessity of the Pram Wagon in the child's life.


Ultimately, whether a Pram Wagon is funded as part of the NDIS plan will depend on the specific circumstances and the thorough assessment of the child's needs by healthcare professionals involved in the NDIS planning process.


Please contact your Support Team or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) for more information.


Update: As the NDIA continues to strengthen their position on payment integrity, there have been changes made to the claims review and payments process.   The NDIA will NO LONGER release funding overnight. Funds should now be released from the NDIA within 3 business days after the claim is made.  Consequently, payments to providers may take up to 5 business days.