NDIS for Larktale Wagons

A Larktale wagon may suit your family the best.   Weighing only 17.6 kilos (even less if you pop the sun canopies off) the Larktale caravan™ wagon makes getting everyone and everything in and out of the car so much easier.pram wagon on NDIS

Perfect for Infants from 6 Months with a Weight Capacity of up to 42kg, the Larktale has a 5 point adjustable saftey harness with shoulder pads.


Larktale Wagon NDIS


The footwell allows for a natural seating position.  Or you can even adjust it to be a supportive flat base for hauling cargo or to let your passengers stretch out.  And if they need a bit of privacy, the individually adjustable sun canopies can give them a safe space they can call their own.  No tools are needed to complete the transition, making it easy for parents to change the wagon style on the fly


NDIS for Larktale Wagons Australia


To request a simple, straight forward quote (to be charged to one NDIS customer

number), please request an automated quote via the link below.


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Should you require a more complex quote, for example, split between two NDIS customers, or for a specific portion only to be billed to NDIS, then please complete the form below and we will send you a manual quote.


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 NDIS for Larktale Wagon


Confused about which wagon may suit your family best, this blog explains the differences between the WonderFold and the Larktale Wagons.


Larktale caravan & WonderFold Wagon differences



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Update: As the NDIA continues to strengthen their position on payment integrity, there have been changes made to the claims review and payments process.   The NDIA will NO LONGER release funding overnight. Funds should now be released from the NDIA within 3 business days after the claim is made.  Consequently, payments to providers may take up to 5 business days.