Differences between WonderFold Luxe and Larktale Caravan

Larktale caravan & WonderFold Wagon differences

Now that Australia is starting to get more and more wagons people are interested in the differences.  In this blog we will be comparing the WonderFold Elite and Luxe models with the Larktale caravan model.  The good news is that all wagons fit through a standard doorway and all Australian models meet the safety requirements of Australian Standard, “Prams and strollers—Safety requirements” AS 2088:2022


Read the Australian pram requirements HERE.


Both wagons also have ample storage space, with both featuring a number of pockets.  Some of which are obvious and some are hidden cleverly in the various designs.    Additionally, both wagons have a height adjustable handlebar.


Wonderfold larktale


Differences between the Larktale caravan two and four seat models


To start with let me clarify the differences between the Larktale caravan 2 seat wagon and the Larktale caravan 4 seat wagon.  There is literally only two differences.  The main one being the number of harnesses.  Yep…the two seat Larktale caravan has one harness on each bench seat.  And the four seat Larktale caravan has two harnesses on each bench seat.  There is no other difference in width, height, length, weight etc. 


The other difference is that the 2 seat caravan reclines 10cm further back than the 4 seat larktale.  The reason for this is due to the very strict Aussie pram safety standards.  When you have two children on the one bench seat, the combined weight could possible cause the fabric and/or stitches to tear.  So they have made it stronger by using  additional stitching and a smaller recline.  The 4 seat caravan wagon reclines 12cm and the 2 seat caravan wagon reclines 22cm.


Both Larktale models come with a swag of standard accessories such as a cup holder, front storage basket, sun canopies and rain cover.  You can purchase other accessories, which will be available in Australia in the future.


The Larktale caravan can hold a total capacity of 90kg, with 42kg per bench seat.

The wagon weighs a total weight (with all seats and accessories included) of 17.6kg

Assembled Dimensions: L-155cm x H-118cm x W-64cm

Folded Dimensions: L-34.5cm x H-84cm x W-64cm


Larktale seat layouts


Differences between the WonderFold Elite and Luxe models


Now lets quickly run though the differences in the WonderFold Luxe and the WonderFold Elite.

The primary difference is the wheels.  The Luxe has the all terrain wheels (made from PU - polyurethane) and the Elite has smaller wheels made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).  You can read more about those differences below.

Differences between PUL and EVA wagon tyres

The other difference between he WonderFold Luxe and the WonderFold Elite is the handlebar cover.  The Elite has a fabric handlebar cover (made of some sort of thick lycra) and the WonderFold Luxe has a handlebar cover that is made from vegan PU leather.

The final difference is the harness clips.   There are definitely two camps for each type.  Some people LOVE the magnetic clips (found on the Luxe) and others simply can’t stand them as they feel they are too fiddly, or their kids can open them. The mechanical harness clip on the Elite model again has equal amounts of lovers or haters.


W2 Elite Vs W4 luxe Vs Larktale caravan



Differences between the WonderFold two and four seat models


Unlike the Larktale caravan, there is quite a difference in the size and weight between the two and the four seat WonderFold models. 

The 4 seat WonderFold models can hold a combined weight of 136kg, with a 45kg weight limit per bench seat.  The 2 seat WonderFold models can hold a combined weight of 90kg, with a 21kg weight limit per bench seat.


Each WonderFold comes with the rear storage basket and the canopy poles and cover.  There is an extensive range of additional WonderFold accessories available, with new ones being available in Australia regularly.


Now let’s move onto the weight of the wagon itself.  Bear in mind, you can remove the wheels and seats, which makes a considerable weight difference, but for the purpose of this blog we will be referring to the total weight of the wagon with all standard accessories attached.  

WonderFold Elite 2 seat – 21.3kg

WonderFold Luxe 2 seat – 25kg

WonderFold Elite 4 seat – 26.3kg

WonderFold Luxe 4 seat – 28.6kg


In regard to the dimensions, let’s start with the wagon unfolded and the canopy fully raised:

WonderFold Elite 2 seat – L-113cm H-134cm W-64cm

WonderFold Luxe 2 seat – L-113cm H-137cm W-64cm

WonderFold Elite 4 seat – L-125cm H-131cm W-77cm

WonderFold Luxe 4 seat – L-125cm H-137cm W-77cm


The folded dimensions are as follows:

WonderFold Elite 2 seat – L-48cm H-103cm W-64cm

WonderFold Luxe 2 seat – L-51cm H-110cm W-64cm

WonderFold Elite 4 seat – L-47cm H-107cm W-77cm

WonderFold Luxe 4 seat – L-51cm H-113cm W-77cm




Reclining the Larktale Caravan and WonderFold seats


Both wagons are only advised to be used for babies 6months plus.  There are car seat adaptors, which will be available for both models coming soon.  They are only specific to a certain number of capsules. More information will be provided on this in due course.

The Larktale caravan has an inbuilt strap so you can recline the seats back a fair way. The 2 seat Larktale Wagons recline further than the 4 seat Larktale Wagons.

With the WonderFold you can adjust the seat clips to get a recline, but it does not recline quite as far as the Larktale.



Foot well space in the Larktale caravan and WonderFold Wagon


In the WonderFold the whole base of the wagon is the footwell (which means you can store things under the seats if required).  The height off the ground of the base of the wagon will depend on if you have the Luxe or Elite model, as it is the height of the wheels that will make the difference.  The all terrain wheels are higher off the ground, giving you more ground clearance.

In the Larktale there is a dedicated footwell.  This footwell sits below the base of the wagon, making the ground clearance smaller at the footwell.  There is a zip in the bottom of the footwell so you can easily clean out any dirt or cracker and sultanas that will inevitably end up in there. The dimensions of the footwell are 38xm x 31cm x 16.5cm



Flat base comparison of the WonderFold Wagon and Larktale caravan


Both wagons have the capability to have a flat base in the bottom of the wagon to haul things around, or for a safe place for your children to play.  Note, that it is not recommended for your children to sleep unattended in the wagon base.

For the Larktale Caravan you can  simply unfold one seat base to cover the footwell and this provides a secure flat base interior to suit your needs.  

For the WonderFold you simply unclip the seats.  With the Wonderfold, either the Elite or the Luxe, the sides are much higher than in the Larktale, where the base actually sits at the top of the footwell.


W2 Wonderfold Caravan larktale


Folding and unfolding the wagons


Both the Larktale caravan and the WonderFold fold up quite easily.  The WonderFold has two clips on each side (in the middle of the frame) which you release and then you need to activate the clip down near the wheels to clip it together.  The clip often catches automatically, meaning you often don’t need to clip it up manually.   There is no need to remove the canopy before folding, you simply push the canopy down before folding.

Whereas the Larktake has a single fold button in the centre at the bottom of the seat.  You press that to release and then pull up from the middle of the wagon to fold.  The clip is a plastic one where you need to hold each part of the flip to clip it together.   There is a release button on each side of the sun shades, which you simply press and the sun shades come off.


Both wagons are exceptionally easy to unfold.  You simply release the applicable clip and it unfolds and you push down in the centre of the wagon.   In regards to the canopy for the WonderFold you just lift up the poles and tighten the clip at your preferred height.  And with the Larktale you simply pop on the sunshades and adjust.


Differences between Larktale Caravan and WonderFold Luxe


Differences between the Larktale Caravan and the WonderFold Wagon

As you can see the differences between the two wagons are minimal, yet massive at the same time.  Which wagon is right for you?  Well, this depends on when, where and how you plan to use your wagon.   

Whichever wagon you choose, we can't wait to see you out and about in the wild with it.  Be sure to send us some photos that we can share on our social media.


WonderFold vs Larktale
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